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A new kind of sex toy is exploring the pleasure of vaginal pressure


The Vaginal Pressure Inducer.

Doesn’t sound like the sexiest thing in the world, right?

But this could be the future of getting off solo, as unappealing as ‘vaginal pressure’ may sound.

A new study published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy suggests that applying pressure inside the vagina with a magical new tool can heighten women’s arousal while they’re watching erotic films (so: porn).

This discovery happened by accident.

The researchers were working on studying pain and discomfort during sex, and needed a tool to create pain so they could analyse it.

Typically, researchers just use balloons that are gradually inflated, but these often slip out of the vagina midway through the experiment.

This time, scientists created the Vaginal Pressure Inducer (remember? That sexy thing we mentioned earlier).

A new kind of sex toy is exploring the pleasure of vaginal pressure

It’s a remote controlled balloon that’s filled with water at body temperature, secured to the body with a pair of specially designed pants.

The scientists tested the Vaginal Pressure Inducer on 42 healthy women who’d never experienced sexual problems, asking them to watch several films, each around seven minutes long.

One film was neutral, just to ease everyone in. Then there was one showing manual sex (hand jobs, basically), oral sex, penetrative sex, and, finally, one showing fully clothed people making out.

The women were also shown non-sexual film scenes, just to check that it was sexual, rather than emotional, arousal causing any results.

The scientists inflated the inducer from the other room, but the women were able to stop the pressure at any time.

A new kind of sex toy is exploring the pleasure of vaginal pressure


The sexier the film, the more pressure women would put up with before they’d press the button to end the experiment.

The women ended the experiment quickest when watching non-sexual clips.

But here’s the interesting bit: the women also reported significantly higher levels of arousal when they watched the films with the Vaginal Pressure Inducer pumped up than they did when they watched the films without it.

That may mean that vaginal pressure can heighten sexual arousal – particularly when women are watching sexual films. Interesting.
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Now, that doesn’t mean that the Vaginal Pressure Inducer is going to beat the Rabbit and become the most popular sex toy ever.

International Business Times reports that the women’s descriptions of the experiment ranged from ‘stimulating’ and ‘interesting’ to ‘not very pleasant’ and ‘doable’.

So at the moment, the device is better suited to researching pain, not giving everyone pleasure.

But now, the researchers have plans to commercialise the tool, improve it, and turn it into a sex toy, using their findings to bring us new realms of pleasure.

‘It would be also possible to use it to increase the pleasurableness of sex,’ said the researchers.

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‘And maybe also to learn how women can have an orgasm during penetrative sex. About a third of women are able to have an orgasm during sex, but many more would like it.

‘With this instrument it could be possible to learn to associate vaginal pressure with pleasureableness.’

Essentially, by using the tool we’d learn to get pleasure with the pressure of penetrative sex, meaning we may be more able to orgasm.

We’ll have to wait and see how they turn the tool into a commercial product (they may need to add some colour and fancy buttons), so it’ll be a while before we can enjoy the benefits of the research – if there are any.

In the meantime, do go ahead and have a wank, with or without fancy gadgets. It’ll be fun. No pressure.